Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


‘- Unlock and lock right on your smartphone
– Automatic unlocking of your front door as you approach
– Keyless locking and unlocking of your front door
– Simple retrofit on the inside of the door
– Individual access permissions for family and friends
– Maintain surveillance of your entry door
– Includes a door sensor.
– Locking validation with the help of the door sensor
– Siri voice control

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One smart lock for all. The Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into an intelligent key. It opens the door for you when you get home and locks it again when you leave. Thanks to the new door sensor, you will always know for sure whether the door is also actually closed.

Safely locked:
With the aid of the new door sensor, the Smart Lock not only shows the status of the lock cylinder, but also whether the door is open or closed.

Apple HomeKit:
With the new Apple HomeKit integration the Smart Lock can now be controlled with Siri, managed with the Apple Home app and incorporated in scenes.

Everyday convenience:
Nuki Smart Lock turns your smartphone into an intelligent key. It opens the door for you when you get home and locks it again when you leave – by simply swiping at the smartphone.

Auto Unlock:
If you have activated Auto Unlock, the Nuki Smart Lock recognizes authorized smartphones and opens the door automatically as you approach. Thus, your smartphone simply stays in your pocket!

Simple installation:
In less than 3 minutes, the Smart Lock mounts on your existing door lock, completely without drilling or screwing and can again be removed completely, restoring your door to its original appearance.

Maintain surveillance:
Thanks to Nuki and your smartphone, you always know who is in your house, whether your front door is locked, who locked it and when.

Assign digital keys:
With the Nuki app, you can quite easily create and manage individual access permissions.

Lock ’n’ Go:
With Nuki, the door locks automatically behind you when you leave the house. That way, you never again have to ask yourself whether your door is locked correctly.

Secure encryption:
Nuki relies on the most modern encryption mechanisms which are also customary in the banking sector. The end-to-end encryption that is used meets the security standards of modern online banking.

Independent electricity supply:
the Smart Lock is equipped with 4 AA batteries. The Nuki app notifies you as soon as the battery level falls below 20%.

Weight 0.332 kg
Key Type

iOS and Android Smart Phones via Bluetooth

User Capacity

200 Users


4 x 1.5V AA batteries (included)

Battery Lifetime

>6 Months (8 locking processess/day)





Nuki Smart Lock 2.0