Nuki 2.0 Smart Lock Combo


‘- Lock and unlock, directly from your smartphone
– Automatically opens your front door as you approach
– Keyless locking and unlocking of your front door
– Simple retrofit on the inside of your door.
– Lock remotely with the Nuki Bridge across a WLAN
– Maintain surveillance of your entrance door
– Individual access permissions for family and friends
– Door sensor included
– Locking validation with the help of the door sensor
– Siri voice control

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Smart Lock and Bridge, an unbeatable combination
A combination to fall in love with complete online access. At all times, from everywhere.

With the combination of Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge, you will not only save money but through the extension, you will gain full online access and be able to control your Smart Lock at all times and from everywhere.

Safely locked:
With the aid of the new door sensor, the Smart Lock not only shows the status of the lock cylinder, but also whether the door is open or closed.

Apple HomeKit:
With the new Apple HomeKit integration the Smart Lock can now be controlled with Siri, managed with the Apple Home app and incorporated in scenes.

The ideal duo:
with the smart combination of Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge, you will not only save money; with the Bridge, you get in addition full online access and control of your Smart  Lock at all times and from everywhere.

Assign digital keys:
with the Nuki app, individual access permissions can be quite simply created and managed.

Full control:
your Smart Lock is always in view. In the Nuki app and in the Nuki Web, you will find the activity log with which you have an overview at all times of who locked your door and when.

Secure encryption:
Nuki relies on the most modern encryption mechanisms that are also customary in the banking industry. The end-to-end encryption that is used complies with the security standards of the most modern online banking.

Smart Home integration:
Link your Nuki Smart Lock with all contemporary Smart Home services in order to make your life that much easier.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home:
control your door quite simply by spoken command, if you happen not to have your hands free at the moment.

Remote control:
open the door for your cleaning service, your pet sitter or craftspersons, even if you are nowhere near home:
conveniently via Nuki Web or Nuki app.

Key Type

iOS and Android Smart Phones via Bluetooth

User Capacity

200 Users


Bluetooth 5.0


230V Socket, 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (included)

Battery Lifetime

>6 Months (8 locking processess/day)





Nuki 2.0 Smart Lock Combo