First Alert SA710CN Basic Smoke Alarm

First Alert’s Photoelectric series of Sensor Smoke Alarms work exceptionally well in detecting smoldering fires. Leaps in ingenuity and technology have allowed this alarm to successfully decipher between nonhazardous and potentially life threatening smoke patterns. The realization of Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology will effectively reduce the number of nuisance alarms triggered by cooking smoke and shower steam. This alarm comes equipped with a Mute Button that serves the dual purpose of quickly silencing your alarm as well as testing its function.

Battery Operated Smoke Alarms also come equipped with an EZ access battery door that removes the hassle and burden of collecting your alarm from the ceiling and replacing its batteries. The combination of a 9v battery and an increased emphasis on the unit’s 85db sound output establish peace of mind, while the inclusion of an anti-theft prevention lock all but guarantees the safest of experiences. This alarm carries a 10 year limited warranty and complies with UL Standards. Save additionally with the purchase of this bundle.

This smoke and fire alarm is for you if:You want to reduce nuisance alarms like those caused by cooking fires and shower steam.You want to protect your family and the environment.